We are an organization oriented to customer satisfaction, so our products and services are designed with this objective. Our commitment is to offer solutions that provide high added value to our customers, meeting their needs.

Our mission is to provide the best service, offering professionalism and quality in our telecommunications projects, systems and products, responding to the technological needs and demands that our clients pose, thus contributing to facilitate the development of their activity. For this, we combine a heterogeneous offer of services and a wide range of products, in which the functional knowledge of the areas in which we provide experience and generate differential value for our stakeholders is materialized.

Our vision is to be technological references in project engineering and IT and telecommunications services to help our clients achieve their business objectives, modernizing their activity with the highest levels of quality and safety, and in accordance with the applicable regulatory and legal requirements in each case, contributing to social welfare and sustainable development.


Hardware design of equipment and systems for any sector and application

Hardware Development

Software development over different operating systems (LINUX, Windows) and mobile systems (Android & iOS)

Software Development

Multi-platform and multi-manufacturer adaptation and integration


Systems Engienering

Mechanical design of elements and parts in various materials (aluminum, iron, plastic, resin, etc)

CAD Design

3D printing of mechanical models or electronic circuits for pre-production validation

3D Modeling

Technical support for commissioning and installation

Technical Support


Telecom transmission solutions (SDH & PDH networks), primary reference clock (G.811, PTP, NTP Time Server, SSU), digital Teleprotection/digital protection signalling/digital protection coupler (IEEE C37.94, E1, G.703, IP/MPLS, IEC-61850 GOOSE over E1), E1/T1 over IP/Ethernet/Packet and E3/DS3/T3 over IP/Ethernet/Packet solutions, security devices (IP intrusor detector, data encryptor 104 &DNP)




Lantech offers a complete range of hardened and non-hardened networking products in support of the global transition to all Ethernet services (IEC-61850 and AC/DC support)



GSM routers up to 4G LTE technology with Ethernet ports 10/100, up to 60V power supply, async interfaces.GSM modems for remote measurement



Wireless access for point-multipoint and point-point (radiolinks) in free band (5GHz) or licensed (3GHz). WiMax and WiFi compliance



Specialist in a wide variety of networking equipment.



Equipamiento de transporte (SDH, PDH), sincronización horaria (NTP, PTP), teleprotecciones, conversores (TDM-IP, IP-TDM, interfaces de teleprotecciones), seguridad (cifradores 104 DNP, capturadores de tráfico)



Routers hasta 4G LTE con diversos puertos Ethernet 10/100, alimentación hasta 60VDC, interfaces asíncronos RS232. Modems GSM para telemedida



Empresa  estrechamente relacionada con motorsport y cualquier aplicación en el entorno de la automoción.



para entornos industriales y eléctricos. Cumplimiento de standard IEC-61850



Accesos inhalambricos punto-multipunto, Radioenlaces punto a punto (banda libre o licenciada)



Empresa comercializadora y especialista en una amplia variedad de equipos de networking.