Headquarter Madrid

Nexcon Telecomunicaciones: we are a company of engineering and development of products and projects of computer science and communications. In 1999 we started to implement our solutions in Spain and are currently used in over 30 countries around the world.

Our professionals are our most important assets. We are enthusiastic and committed, with initiative and ability to work in teams, eager to accept new challenges and share our values ​​and objectives.

Headquarter Madrid

Nexcon is a professional and modern company. Dedicated to the design, production and development of electronic components making technology available to all and thus achieve its objective; personalized service.

Within the urban stress and with parking problems, engineers find an absolutely calm and relaxed framework within their studio to face their kite.

In Nexcon, in addition to having highly qualified engineers, our main objective is to achieve powerful, dynamic and high-quality developments, designs and fabrications.

With experience in the sector, growth motivation and current projects with large companies bear fruit of trust and good work, impacting on jobs and the work environment.

Do not hesitate to contact Nexcon and we will make, without obligation, a budget to suit you.